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Thor: Ragnarok beats all other Disney and Marvel trailers in gladiator match for views

What was it about the Thor: Ragnarok teaser that made people watch it more than the trailer for any other Disney and Marvel movie? The ingenuity of Taika Waititi’s creative vision? Cate Blanchett being evil in an enormous headdress? Chris Hemsworth quipping about Thor’s friendship with the Hulk? Whatever the reason, the first look at the new Thor was consumed more than any other Disney or Marvel trailer in its first 24 hours, collecting 136 million views, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Beauty And The Beast was Disney’s previous champ with 127.6 million views, while Captain America: Civil War had the status of Marvel’s most-watched with 94 million.

But terrifying clowns are still the ultimate victors here, as even Jeff Goldblum in funny makeup could not beat It’s 197 million views. Asgardian antics are also no match for Dominic Toretto’s family, given that The Fate Of The Furious trailer blew past Ragnarok by 3 million as well.


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