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Thor Harris of Thor & Friends is running for governor of Texas, “Because fuck this”

Harris playing at Sasquatch in 2009. (Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

As the Trumpification of American politics continues, we’ve reached the point where we have to count it as a win when the politically inexperienced musician running for major public office is at least a good dude who plays music that we like. So it’s with as much enthusiasm as our battered souls can muster that we note that Thor Harris—of indie rock bands Swans, Shearwater, and, most recently, Thor & Friends—has announced that he’s running for governor of Texas, on a platform that can best be described as “’Cause fuck this.”


This is per Pitchfork, which notes that Harris made the announcement while standing in front of a rainbow flag, responded to questions about his candidacy with a candid, “Why the fuck not?” Harris, a noted advocate for punching Nazis and speaking out against intolerance, has been an outspoken critic of Governor Greg Abbot and right-wing Texas politics in general, especially those attacking LGBTQ rights and restricting access to abortions and other reproductive health care services for women.

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