Thor & Friends (Photo: Conor Q Walker)

Thor Harris is a renaissance man. Along with his tenure as a percussionist in the recent iteration of Swans, he’s spent time in Shearwater, played with the likes of Amanda Palmet and Bill Callahan, and paints during his downtime. In between all that, he’s made a handful of instrumental records under his own name. But for his latest, he did things a little differently. Back in October, Harris released the self-titled album from his new project, Thor & Friends, and today The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Whose Fingers.”

The song is based around percussion and Southwestern instruments, giving it an incredibly tranquil, transcendent feel. The video plays up Harris’ personality, as Harris dances around with friends, animals, and features no conceivable narrative. It fits well with the music of “Whose Fingers,” as both blur perspectives, giving some insight into Harris’ world while still keeping people at arm’s length.