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Thor and Loki go casual in new Thor: Ragnarok photos

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Albert L. Ortega)

The excellent Thor: Ragnarok trailer from Comic-Con was all bright colors, spaceships, and solid jokes from the Hulk, but a new set of preview images released by Empire suggest that at least some of this Thor movie will be a bit more low-key—pun very much intended.


As you can see, this photo seems to be of Thor and Loki on Earth, wearing casual-yet-stylish Earth clothes as opposed to the outlandish-yet-stylish space clothes they normally wear. Also, as proper True Believers will surely notice, Thor is wearing the same outfit he had on in the Doctor Strange post-credits stinger. It’s possible that this scene takes place around the same time as that other scene, but that wouldn’t make sense since it was all about Thor enlisting Strange’s help in finding Loki (who is clearly standing right there), so it’s more likely that this is just Thor’s go-to Earth outfit.

Empire‘s website has a second photo that seems like an explicit rejection of the previous pic’s casual cool, as it depicts Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster wearing a crazy set of blue and gold robes while operating some kind of sci-fi DJ turntable. At the very least, the two photos seem like a pretty clear indication of just how weird of a ride Thor: Ragnarok looks like it’ll be when it comes out on November 3.

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