The legendarily reclusive and endearingly weird Thomas Pynchon—author of The Crying Of Lot 49, V.,and Against The Day, among others—has finally given in to the wild, wild world of e-books. After resisting for many years against the Kindle tide, Pynchon consented to allow digital versions of his novels, The New York Times reports, though of course, he didn't personally give a reason as to why: Unsurprisingly, the 75-year-old Pynchon—who has successfully avoided the public sphere for decades—declined to speak to the media about his decision. Anyway, it looks as though the e-book versions of Pynchon’s work will be more expensive than the physical books, in what is perhaps a subtle rebuke to the medium, or maybe there’s just a premium for all that postmodernism. Pynchon's titles will be available starting Wednesday, also known as the last day you can get away with reading Fifty Shades Of Grey because "a download of Gravity’s Rainbow wasn’t available."