Having poached nearly every deceased Walking Dead character he could get his hands on—at least until Carl and Lori burn to death in the season premiere of our dreams—Frank Darabont is moving on to other former coworkers for TNT's L.A. Noir. The Hollywood Reporter says that The Mist star Thomas Jane is in talks to join the cast of the period crime drama, a show whose title demands clarification that it is not an adaptation of the video game every single time, until we finally start arbitrarily lying about it because you asked the question at the wrong moment or something. Anyway, Jane would play mobster Bugsy Siegel on the show should it get picked up, with the Hung star and erstwhile gay-for-sandwiches hustler sliding deeper into a life of even harder crime. Fortunately, Hung was canceled a long time ago, so for once one of this show's casting announcements isn't spoiling anything.