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Thom Yorke, upbeat optimist, sets return to U.S. with a fall tour

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Thom Yorke was originally set to come through the United States at the end of March, on a brief tour with his group Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes for a series of live performances. Instead, as we know all too well, the world devolved into a series of scenes which, were they to be arranged into a montage, would probably be set to one of Radiohead’s darker tracks. But Yorke, peppy and upbeat optimist that he is, took those cancelled lemons and made rescheduled lemonade.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes—the creative trio (named after Yorke’s 2014 solo album) that also includes longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and visual artist Tarik Barri—has announced a series of U.S. tour dates to make up for its cancelled spring tour. The new tour runs through October and more or less follows the entire initially planned run, save for no returning show in Minneapolis and the giant question mark that is Coachella, which was originally going to feature a Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes set. The shows are supposed to be very cool, however, mixing it up with Yorke performing a wide-ranging setlist of his work for film (mainly that awesome Suspiria score), solo tracks, and some Atoms For Peace numbers. Oddly, there’s no word of the show ending with an encore that’s just an a capella rendition of “Creep” four times in a row. The complete list of dates is below.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes Rescheduled U.S. Tour 2020:

September 27—Washington, DC—The Anthem*
(originally March 28 at Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, VA)

October 2—New York, NY—Radio City Music Hall
(originally March 30)

October 3—New York, NY—Hammerstein Ballroom
(originally March 31)

October 4—New York, NY—Hammerstein Ballroom
(originally April 1)

October 6—Chicago, IL—Auditorium Theatre*
(originally April 4 at United Center)

October 11—Phoenix, AZ—Arizona Federal Theatre
(originally April 13)

October 13—Sacramento, CA—Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
(originally April 16)

October 19—Denver, CO—Mission Ballroom
(originally April 8)

*New venue

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