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Thom Yorke’s face is helping solve male sexual problems in Iran

Thom Yorke’s blank visage is being used to help Iranian couples deal with their marital problems. A picture of the Radiohead vocalist is one of three featured on the cover of Marital And Sexual Problems In Men, no doubt because Yorke’s sad eyes suggest he’s got trouble south of the border. “Fitter Happier,” indeed.


The other two men haven’t been identified yet, but one looks a whole lot like deceased author John Updike, who, given his “rabbit” series, might also have been familiar with the world of “marital aids.”

Yorke’s appearance on the book’s cover isn’t new, though the majority of the internet only caught onto the picture about a week ago. Twitter user @Mehr_DaD says he uploaded the photo to the net a few years ago after spotting the book at his uncle’s bookstore in Mashhad, Iran.

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