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Thom Yorke is surprised people still care about Radiohead

(Photo: Getty Images, Mark Metcalfe)

In an interview with Q Magazine, Thom Yorke basically said he didn’t think anyone would give a shit about a Radiohead return, which seems like a pretty big slap in the face to the fans left high and dry when the band’s first North American tour in years sold out insanely fast. Those dolphins who love Radiohead are offended, too. Yorke just didn’t think people—or dolphins, for that matter—would really care about A Moon Shaped Pool, the band’s first release after a five-year break, even though the album was hyped before it even dropped.

“We expected the opposite,” Yorke told Q Magazine. “I cherish the band, but I don’t expect anyone else to.” But A Moon Shaped Pool debuted at No. 1 in England and currently holds the No. 4 slot on the Billboard Hot 200 in the US. Sure, half a decade is a long time to wait for new music, but true love waits. Fret not, Thom Yorke. People care. The world is a dumpster fire right now, but at least people still care about Radiohead.


In the interview, Yorke also noted that “Daydreaming”—which has a video purportedly directed by Paul Thomas Anderson—is his favorite track from the new album. The dolphins agree.

[via EW]

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