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This YouTuber is doing an a-meow-zing job of editing their cat into famous movies

Screenshot: YouTube

There’s a saying in the movie business that you should never work with kids or animals. But, considering animals are usually the best part of every movie ever, fuck that. Let’s look, then, to YouTube channel OwlKitty, which is proving its owner’s cat—the eponymous OwlKitty—is not only a superb actor, but can work without even being on set. With green screens and expert editing, it looks like the cat’s always been in a range of cinematic classics, like John Wick. This cat is a crack assassin partner to dad Keanu Reeves, even attacking a perp with much finesse.

The channel’s got several more videos like this one, each just as good as the last. If you’re not a fan of the BDSM version of Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, there’s a cat dad version that’s much more family friendly. Also, if you’re not too crazy about dragon-crazy Daenerys Targaryen, then check out cat-crazy Khaleesi, in love with her beasts, no matter how terrifying they might get. There’s an impressive soccer one, a Thor: Ragnorak one, and even a Titanic one. Basically, OwlKitty is the best in the biz, so watch out Goose the cat/flerken, there’s a new star in town. Will OwlKitty live up to other film felines? Only time shall tell.


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