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This young boy crashing his mom's live news broadcast is a reminder that kids just don't give a damn

Young children are very talented at finding inventive ways to let adults know how little they care about what we have going on in our lives at the moment. In the middle of a meeting? Cool, but that’s not as vital as their need for juice. Filing your taxes last-minute? You can totally stop what you’re doing to put on Wreck It Ralph for the 87th time. Updating the public about a serious situation via a live news broadcast? Cut it out, this little guy has a sweet new dance move to show off! Kids—and we cannot stress this enough—do not care, and when it’s not abundantly stressful, it can be adorable.

NBC news’ national security and Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube was in the middle of an important broadcast when her young son wandered onto set, all twinkling eyes and bright smiles, and attempted to get her attention with a few urgent tugs of her blouse. Kube tried to gently hold him back, but moms are fairly powerless against children who wants snacks. “Excuse me, my kids are here,” Kube explains, trying to keep a cool head. “Live television!” The screen finally cuts to a map to allow Kube to continue the broadcast while getting the cutely bold child re-situated. There’s no insight as to where a babysitter was during this fairly chaotic time, but have you seen the outrageous cost of childcare these days? We’re not about to judge.

The young correspondent joins the pantheon of fellow carefree legends, Young Boss In Yellow Sweater and The Quickest Little Peanut On Wheels, who busted up their father’s BBC segment back in 2017.

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