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This year’s Record Store Day exclusives include GWAR, Disney, lots of Bowie

It’s almost that time of year again, when we sheepishly hide away our Tidals and our Spotifys and make our way down to the local brick-and-mortar music purveyor for yet another Record Store Day. The annual celebration—worked up by shop owners in an effort to keep the warm sound of vinyl from getting buried forever under an avalanche of digital downloads and iTunes gift cards—has only gotten bigger and bigger since the event kicked off in 2007, with Metallica already signed on as the “ambassadors” of this year’s event, set for April 16.

But metal fans aren’t the only ones being catered to with this year’s RSD, which is offering up more than 200 exclusive vinyl releases, covering pretty much every genre and style imaginable. Besides the requisite David Bowie tribute—including a 12” picture disc re-release of The Man Who Sold The World—the offerings range from Justin Bieber to audio versions of old Doctor Who episodes, from GWAR to compilations of Disney tunes.


There are way too many artists and records represented to mention here by name—although hey, let’s try for a second: Warren Zevon, Regina Spektor, OutKast, The Monkees, John Williams, Ol Dirty Bastard, Mark Mothersbaugh… Okay, nope, we’re out of breath—so you might as well just click over to the official site for Record Day 2016 and start planning out how to best deploy your album art of choice in an effort to seem interesting to your friends.

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