It wasn’t exactly shocking when Neil Patrick Harris diplomatically excused himself from hosting the Oscars again last week, given that popular response to this year’s telecast was roughly akin to a teen projectile vomiting across their bedroom after experimenting with Goldschläger, spattering the wall with the sad, brightly-colored cause of their distress. And as a result, it looks like those sad, sparkly causes have no desire to again cause next year’s mess: based on recent tweets, it looks like producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron will not be returning to lead next year’s show.


Subsequently, Zadan posted multiple news stories noting that this means the duo likely won’t be returning as producers, in case anyone didn’t quite get the gist of the above tweet. Despite what looks like a fairly obvious case of “Fine, then we’re taking our poorly-timed, shoddily-constructed jokes and going home,” a representative for Zadan responded to a request from Deadline for confirmation with the following statement: “Nothing is decided. All it means is that Craig hopes the Oscars continue the innovations he and Neil started.”

In similar news, a representative for the corpse of Franklin Delano Roosevelt released the following statement in reference to questions about whether the long-decayed skeleton would again be interested in assuming the Presidency: “Nothing is decided. All it means is that FDR’s ghost hopes these United States continue the innovations he and Eleanor started.”