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This woman creepily transforms herself into Dory because doing so is possible

"Disney's Finding Dory Tutorial - CHRISSPY" (Screenshot: YouTube)

As Pixar fans and most of the Western world should know by now, Disney-Pixar has a new film in theaters this week: the sequel Finding Dory, which puts Ellen DeGeneres’ memory-addled blue fish at center stage and sees what happens. Our own A.A. Dowd says that “Finding Dory falls squarely into Pixar’s growing second tier, where every sequel without Toy in its title seems to land.”

Viewers who want to do more than just watch the film have a few options. They could buy some Finding Dory-branded items, like toys and T-shirts, available wherever things are sold by humans to other humans. They could decorate a cake to look like the forgetful, azure-hued tang. That might be fun. Or they could slap on bald caps and slather blue makeup all over their heads until they become a human Dory from the neck up, completing the look by sticking on some tails and fins. That’s definitely the road less traveled, but it’s the one chosen by YouTuber Chrisspy, a makeup guru whose latest and most terrifying tutorial shows her step-by-step transformation into Dory.

The video is impressive and upsetting in equal measures. On the one hand, you can’t help but admire the skill, patience, and ingenuity that go into the transformation. Then again, since Dory is a cartoon fish with an emoji-like face, Chrisspy must paint giant white-and-purple googly eyes over her own eyes and a supernaturally wide, grinning fish mouth on top of her own, human-sized mouth in order to become the character. When Chrisspy opens her eyes or speaks (and she does both at the very beginning), it’s like her eyes and mouth have eyes and mouths of their own. It’s a classic “body horror” scenario, straight out of Salvador Dalí’s nightmares.


The artist acknowledges the unintended creepiness of her work but nevertheless holds out hope that her incredible makeup tutorial will somehow reach DeGeneres herself. Every share and retweet helps. Chrisspy has certainly earned the recognition, since the process of becoming Dory begins with rubbing a glue stick over her own eyebrows. That’s followed by the generous application of various powders, paints, and adhesives to virtually every surface of her body from the neck up. Along the way, she goes from this:

To this:


And finally this:

Those fins and tail, by the way, are construction paper attached to her head with liquid latex. Not that anyone should attempt to replicate this tutorial, though. One fish-headed Finding Dory superfan is enough for the planet.


[via BuzzFeed]

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