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This wild sketch about Amber Alerts just blew up Twitter

Phone notifications are a part of life, some more exciting than others, and most so disconnected from your day-to-day that you glance at your screen for two seconds, tops. That includes weather updates, but also Amber Alerts: You never think you’re going to be the one to catch a perp, so it’s just another license plate lost in the wind. A new viral comedy sketch, however, posits a different, perhaps more responsible, response to such an alert.


Mark Phillips (@SupremeDreams_1) posted the sketch, which was made with the comedy outfit RDCworld1, and it unfolds as a slice of fast-paced action about how “they expect you to react when you get an Amber Alert.” The main character is just minding his business playing a game, but shoots into real-life rescue mode when the alert comes. He and his mates embark on a high-speed chase—the aerial shot is perfection—and rescue the baby from supposed doom.

A simple premise, sure, but it’s more than 8 million views on Twitter at the time of this writing, not to mention another million and change on YouTube. Numbers like that can’t be ignored.

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