Screenshot: YouTube

For those who are still debating whether or not to check out Disney’s latest live-action revisit Dumbo, may we offer you this interview with Colin Farrell and Danny DeVito - which can only be described as a delightful free-for-all - as a potentially deciding factor?

The Dumbo stars sat down with Wired for a segment titled “Colin Farrell & Danny DeVito Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions,” where they surrender to the internet’s most ruthless interviewer: Google’s autofill function. The questions range from totally innocuous (“Is Danny DeVito nice?”) to just a touch fucked up (“Is Colin Farrell still alive?”) and they come in multiple rounds.


The over 10-minute long session is a fun cacophony Irish accents (which DeVito can imitate, but not necessarily identify), intermittently censored back and forth, and good-natured grumbling. There was also an answer to the burning question, “Was Danny DeVito supposed to be Wolverine?” Oh, what could have been!

Dumbo premieres in theaters March 29.