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This Westworld and Back To The Future III mashup is pretty heavy, Doc

Listen, we’re not trying to say all Westerns are the same, but there are some unexpected similarities between Back To The Future III and the HBO series Westworld beyond their Wild West settings. Both center on contemporary people transplanted into an old-timey way of life, allowing us to experience the Old West through modern eyes. Both feature a white-haired scientist whose motives are never quite clear. And both star kind but occasionally aggressive heroes alongside ingénues with hidden strengths.

Admittedly, those parallels only go so far—namely because Back To The Future III doesn’t feature any lifelike robots moving closer and closer to a revolution. But that didn’t stop Todd Spence from creating a pretty effective mashup of the two anyway.

Rather than adding levity to Westworld, the trailer for “Back To The Westworld” mostly adds a healthy dose of conceptual sci-fi drama to Back To The Future. Of course, even in the darkest iteration of Back To The Future, Marty can’t help but be utterly charming, which means it’s gonna be extra tragic when it turns out he’s actually The Man In Black.


[via The Daily Dot]

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