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The Breaking Bad finale is only blah blah away, a fact we’ve commemorated this week by attending its final TCA panel (more on that in a little bit), taking one last, bittersweet ride in the Crystal Ship, and, of course, eating Vince Gilligan’s-severed-head-on-a-tortoise-cake. But if even these vicarious thrills have left you feeling empty, craving a human connection that no amount of drugs or shows about drugs can fill, perhaps we should all head over to Aaron Paul's place? Judging by this video taken by a group of Irish tourists, he will be totally cool with it, hopping right down to say hello, take photos, and chat with you about your travels. So this weekend, let’s all go to Aaron Paul’s house, where “yo” is another word for “hospitality,” and a stranger is just a bitch you haven’t met yet. See you there. [Reddit via Hypervocal]

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