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This week at The A.V. Club: Alison Brie, a Sklar brother, and more

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New this week
On Monday, we launched Watch This, a new daily feature recommending alternative films for a new theme every week. This week, we picked vampire-film alternatives to Twilight, which included everything from the newly released Vamps to George Romero’s Martin. They’re all great for those who don’t want to spend any more time with Bella and Edward. Next week’s theme: Wrong-man films in honor of Hitchcock.


We also launched Bestcast, a new biweekly feature where podcasters discuss the three most memorable episodes of their podcast. Randy Sklar kicks it off with Sklarbro Country.

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What are we arguing about this week?
The more than 2,000 comments on our AVQ&A about appalling celebrity behavior seem to take issue with the people we chose, the people we didn’t choose, and people in general.

This weekend
See: Silver Linings Playbook gets the best grade of the week, even if it’s only a B+.
Listen to: We can’t recommend Green Day’s ¡Dos!, but it is a perfect example of a sophomore slump.
Read: There’s no shortage of great books to pick up this weekend. We recommend Dennis Lehane’s new crime novel, and there’s also a sexy memoir from Bettye LaVette and a solid collection of essays from David Foster Wallace.
Watch: Joe Biden turns up on Parks And Recreation, and we begin season three of Arrested Development.


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