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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

This vlog of a guy who crashed his plane in the woods and started filming is a found footage movie waiting to happen

Any type of automotive or aircraft accident can be anyone’s worst nightmare, especially if you crash in the middle of nowhere. That’s the unfortunate reality that pilot Matt Lehtinen had to face when he crashed his small plane in the woods of Quebec, somehow getting a tree trunk straight through the side of his aircraft. It would only be natural for him to have freaked the hell out, but his survival instincts kicked in and he began recording his experience to document it for posterity. It easily could have turned into a found-footage horror movie scenario, but other than the terrifying amount of bugs, he came out without pissing off any Blair Witches.

Watch the full video, which has been edited with some tense, cinematic music, above.

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