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This video wonders “Just how strong is Ygritte from Game Of Thrones?”

Illustration for article titled This video wonders “Just how strong iis/i Ygritte from iGame Of Thrones/i?”

Ever try pulling a longbow? It’s pretty tough. At least, that’s what The A.V. Club has been told by folks in the know. And that’s why Ygritte’s longbow confrontation with Jon Snow bears special scrutiny. Aside from winning the affections of the most famous bastard in the Night’s Watch (and the hearts of most Game Of Thrones viewers), Rose Leslie’s Ygritte is apparently strong enough to punch a hole through the Wall all by herself.


That’s the finding of a Youtube video featured over at Digg, which reveals that the ginger from beyond the wall keeps her bow pulled and trained on Jon Snow for over a full minute. And because there’s no magic to television, that means Ygritte can keep a “massive warbow” arrow pulled back for over a minute.

As the seconds count off, the video’s creators use the “humorous comparisons” unit of scientific measurement to confirm that Ygritte is stronger than Ripley from Aliens, the Hulk, and the Big Bang. Jon Snow knows nothing about upper-body workouts.

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