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This video reveals the secret ingredient of Louie—it’s in the editing


Of the many hats that Louis CK wears on his show Louie—producer, writer, star, director—probably none are more overlooked than his job as editor of every episode. In a 2013 interview with Bill Simmons, the comedian talked about why the job of editing is so important to him, and how it’s another avenue for finding comedy and pathos in his show. The A To Z Review (which has been crushing it lately) compiled that discussion with shots and edits from Louie to give a framework for how knowing when and what to cut ends up affecting the storylines, the jokes, and the rhythm of the incredibly well-done sitcom.

It’s a simple short, but ends up being revelatory in showing off Louie CK as a true auteur and craftsman who takes great pride and interest in all facets of his show—not only in the tales he tells, but the way his jokes are presented to an audience.

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