In this behind-the-scenes video released from Joe Carnahan’s upcoming, straight-to-VOD Stretch, the director and his stars Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker reveal that filming a sex scene is exactly like having sex in real life. Like you and your partner, Wilson and Decker prepare for lovemaking by listening to Rick James and making small talk. Like you and your partner, the act is preceded by minor adjustments of the penis. Like you and your partner, intercourse involves approximately five seconds of thrusting and grunting followed by you declaring, “And then I’m out,” then a production assistant sprays you down with fake sweat from an aerosol can. “Was that enough fucking?” both Patrick Wilson and you ask the room, waiting for the “Great fucking!” reply that lets you know you’re both done. Then everyone huddles around to offer their critiques and suggestions for next time.

Watch as the magic of romance is captured with unflinching verisimilitude on screen.

[Reddit via Uproxx]