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This very nice documentary short about the “Lobster Lady” is a hell of a balm

Virginia Oliver
Virginia Oliver
Screenshot: Vimeo

There’s a decent chance that you, dear reader, are justly angry, frightened, sad, or all of the above. (Probably that last one.) If that’s the case, we humbly submit for your consideration this 8-minute documentary short about Virginia Oliver, who’s the oldest living lobster fishing person in Maine and, per the Rockland Historical Society, probably anywhere. Spending eight minutes with her is a pretty great use of your time.

She turned 100 on June 6, and she and her 77-year-old son Max still head out three times a week to pull in traps. It’s something she’s done since she was eight years old, making this a profession she’s been mastering for 92 years. Unfortunately, there’s no way to embed this particular video, so you’ll need to click through, but the click is well worth it.

The Lobster Lady is comprised of interviews with Oliver, both on and off her lobster boat in Spruce Head, Maine. While the landlocked interviews are incredibly charming—she’s got a hell of a laugh—it’s the segments on the sea that are particularly soothing, even if you do have to watch Oliver band the lobster’s claws while talking about how she has to do it left-handed because of an old wrist injury. It is a wee bit tense, but still very tranquil. If nothing else, it will sure make it seem like you’re getting some fresh air, at least for a few minutes.


[via Boing-Boing]

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