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This vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck at playing the harmonica

Screenshot: @CelloMetalgirl

Is there anything worse than when somebody says, “Hey, wanna see me play a musical instrument?” and then they pull out a harmonica and start blowing? That’s not “playing a musical instrument.” It’s breathing into a gross-smelling hunk of metal so that it makes a sound like a syphilitic cat. It’s infuriating that people like John Popper have managed to construct entire careers from this sham.

A Twitter user in China known as 雪夜狐みゃあ@チェロメタさん, or @CelloMetalgirl, recently uploaded a video of a common, non-Juilliard-educated vacuum cleaner doing as good a job as anyone at playing this make-believe instrument:


Throw a fedora onto that vacuum and play some generic blues riffs in the background, and your average Blues Traveler fan will be none the wiser.

[via Laughing Squid]

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