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This unsettling Tumblr replaces Seinfeld characters with skeletons

It's a valid question, even when asked by skeletons.

The name Elaine Benes is but one important vowel away from “Elaine Bones.” This is among the things one learns when visiting jerryseinfeldsskeleton.com, and it comes as close as anything to supplying a raison d’être for the stubbornly odd, defiantly meaningless Tumblr, which recreates memorable moments from the television show Seinfeld with walking, talking skeletons in place of Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine. Other characters in the series, like the Soup Nazi, are typically represented as flesh-and-blood human beings. Newman, naturally, has been replaced by Shrek. The Tumblr, which is currently nearing 10,000 followers in only about a month of existence, is created with the sandbox physics game Garry’s Mod, which proudly declares itself to have no objectives and no winners, making it a perfect fit for the famed “show about nothing.”

The artist behind the Tumblr is one Bryce Maciel, who also seems to be something of a gamer and must be tired of answering how he generates these images, since the title of his site as it appears today is “I Make These With Garry’s Mod Stop Asking Please.” Generally, however, the artist is surprised and pleased by the response to his work and is open to requests. “Thank you guys,” he tells his followers, “for loving my stupid hobby so much.” Maciel claims to spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour per image and is currently working on a way to animate the skeletons. As of now, however, visitors to the Tumblr will have to content themselves with eerie, unsettling, computer-generated tableaux in which four neurotic, selfish New Yorkers go through their very familiar routines, only without the benefit of skin, muscles, or internal organs. Even though they’re normally hyper-focused on minutia, this particular development does not seem to have phased them one bit.


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