Any good fan of both video games and ‘90s television directed at adolescents has surely partaken in at least a little Nick Arcade, a green-screen heavy game show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1992-1993. And while the show that most of us saw was hosted by the effervescent Phil Moore, a Neil Sherman-hosted pilot for the program has surfaced online. Made on a much smaller scale, the Nick Arcade pilot involved a lot more televisions and a lot fewer video screens, though contestants could still face off in challenges like “Hold It Sucker” and “Bad Karma, Dude.” Winners could take home Casio keyboards, an Amiga 500, and a Magnavox Radio/Cassette Recorder, all of which date the show just about as much as the games within, Sherman’s shirt, or, really, anything else contained in the video below. Seriously—it’s a video time machine. Watch it and go way back. [via Kotaku]