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This Twitter account will belch up fake “Uptown Funk” lyrics all day

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars is not going anywhere. It’s now a permanent part of society. For years to come, it will be incorporated into pep rallies and wedding receptions. Even those who try to avoid it will undoubtedly hear the 2014 hit coming from neighboring apartments or other cars in traffic. Unless either Ronson or Mars commits some horrible atrocity, their song is here to stay, so people might as well try to have some fun with the damned thing. No one understands that better than multi-media artist and pop-culture prankster Neil Cicierega, the creator of Mouth Sounds and other wonderful things. Last Friday, Cicierega launched an automated Twitter account that posts ersatz “Uptown Funk” lyrics, only with different short-“u” words substituted for the original words. Here’s an example that should make the concept clear:


“Up” and “funk” become “stud” and “crud.” Other popular word choices for the account include: “sludge,” “slum,” “duck,” and “rub.” It’s a Twitter bot, so it can’t respond. Presumably, unless Cicierega or some humorless lawyer shuts it down, it will run indefinitely on its own. The way to make this more interactive is to scroll through some of the tweets, note a few especially funny lines (“Skunktown shuck you up”) and use them in place of the boring “real” lyrics on karaoke night. Voila! Instant song parody.

[via The Daily Dot]

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