Prince playing a slug

The Tumblr Bass Dogs pondered the age-old question: “What would happen if famous bassists were Photoshopped cradling canines in place of their instruments?” Hilarity (and photos like this) ensued. The site’s recently launched sequel—which comes from a delightfully twisted Glaswegian named Michael M.—is Slug Solos. This Tumblr features some of music’s biggest names (e.g., B. B. King, Alex Lifeson, Prince) making grade-A guitar-player grimaces—but instead of coaxing out sweet solos, they’re caressing giant, glistening slugs. The photos are terrifying and absurd, but also strangely true to each musician’s personality–Eddie Van Halen looks over-the-top surprised to be massaging a terrestrial gastropod mollusk instead of his signature guitar; Bruce Springsteen is skeptical of the creature but rolling with the punches; and James Hetfield looks ready to squeeze the crap out of the slimy bugger. [h/t Ned Raggett]