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This Transformers: The Movie Blu-ray exclusive has better things to do tonight than die

Shout! Factory has granted The A.V. Club an exclusive look at its Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, hitting shelves this month. The clip is a favorite sequence amongst Transformers aficionados, and showcases new (for 1986) characters Hot Rod and Kup; Kup (Lionel Stander), is sort of an Obi-Wan type to Hot Rod’s (Judd Nelson) turbo-revvin’ young Luke Skywalker-by-proxy.

The two new toys—sorry, characters—discover an attempt by the Decepticons to invade Autobot City on Earth, after massacring most of the 1984-1985 toy line in a particularly gruesome fashion:

The clip also showcases the Blu-ray’s new 4k transfer of the film, which is crisp and full of detail while still retaining plenty of ‘80s grain. Utilizing a near-pristine print allowed the team behind the restoration to worry less about torn film sections and concentrate on smaller details, such as getting Hot Rod’s colors just right. This is possibly the best this film has ever looked—even when compared to its original 1986 theatrical release—and the new Blu-ray features several documentaries and commentaries as well.


Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition transforms and rolls out on September 13.

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