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This trailer for Jamie Foxx's Robin Hood movie seems a lot like a Green Arrow movie

DC’s Green Arrow already has a long-running TV show on The CW, but the hood-wearing, left-leaning vigilante has yet to make a big screen appearance—until now. Alright, this trailer for Robin Hood isn’t really a Green Arrow movie, but move the action from merry olde England to a modern coastal city and the differences would be indistinguishable. Green Arrow stories have always been pretty clearly based on Robin Hood, as the character’s original appearance even included a traditional archer hat, but the emphasis put on hoods and cool trick shots with the bow in this trailer feels a whole lot like The CW’s Arrow. All this version of Robin Hood needs to do is attach a boxing glove to one of his arrows and he’ll be ready to join a 12th-century Justice League.

Anyway, we’ve been talking about this version of Robin Hood for years, back when it still had the extremely comic book name Robin Hood: Origins, with a bunch of casting news coming out in addition to a report about Jamie Foxx—who plays Little John—having a run-in with some racists in Croatia during filming. Other than Foxx, Robin Hood stars Taron Egerton, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.

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