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This trailer for Eric André and Tiffany Haddish's new prank movie looks like an anxiety attack waiting to happen

It’s been nearly five years since movie-going audiences were last treated to a hidden camera “prank” film in the Jackass or Borat vein, with the release of Bad Grandpa kicking off a half-decade respite from discretely filmed, carefully calculated chaos. (In theaters, at least.) Now Eric André, Tiffany Haddish, and Lil Rey Howery are preparing to bring the genre back, courtesy of their new film Bad Trip (which, not coincidentally, counts long-time Jackass mastermind Jeff Tremaine among its producers). And maybe this is just us getting old, but Jesus but does this thing look like an anxiety attack waiting to happen.


Directed by The Eric André Show mainstay Kitao Sakurai, the film sees André and Howery head out on a road trip in a car stolen from the latter’s incarcerated sister (Haddish), whose escape from custody to seek retribution is just one of several scenarios that play out to the horror of the normies unlucky enough to witness it. André’s various projects have made a career-long art out of the pleasures of fucking with people, but there’s an extremity and violence to some of these pranks that seems legitimately calculated to escalate anything that’s come before it. (Or, again: Maybe we’re just getting old.)

Bad Trip slams its way into unwitting theaters on October 25.