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This tiny, working Super Nintendo may be cutest console ever made

(Image: Rated-E Mods, lyberty5)

Nintendo is already weaponizing nostalgia with the adorable NES Classic, a gutted Wii console that costs $60 and comes pre-loaded with 30 Nintendo Entertainment System games, but a YouTuber who goes by lyberty5 on the Rated-E Mods channel has managed to out-Nintendo Nintendo with what he calls the SNES MICRO. Built on Raspberry Pi Zero (a miniature computer, more or less), the ridiculously small device is a full-featured emulator that’s designed to look just like a tiny Super Nintendo—or, more accurately, a Japanese Super Famicom. This video showcases the work that went into creating the SNES MICRO, including attaching some USB ports inside the thing and designing its delightful outer-casing, which is made out of clay instead of being 3D-printed—which surely would’ve been much easier and faster. He even plugs it in to prove that it works, playing Yoshi’s Island and (of all things) Doom.

The Rated-E Mods channel also features this Super Mario Sunshine-themed GameCube that features a little Mario locked up inside the console. It’s not quite as cute (or practical) as the SNES MICRO, but it’s impressive work nonetheless.

[via Gizmodo]


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