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This terrifying robot baby could have made the Twilight movies so, so much worse

The cast and crew of the Twilight movies really ran into a number of hurdles (i.e. a grown wolf man “imprinting” onto a toddler, Edward chewing a baby out of Bella’s stomach, and so on) when it came time to film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, but a new video reveals it could really have been so, so much worse.

While it had to be hard for director Bill Condon to figure out how to cast Bella and Edward’s quickly aging half-vampire daughter, the horribly named Renesmee, he really never should have even entertained the notion of trying out a creepy animatronic baby. The cast and crew quickly nicknamed the figure “Chuckesmee,” and looking at the newly released behind the scenes footage below, it’s easy to see why. The terrifying looking doll looks straight outta Etsy with its flat head, awkward hair, and glossy duck lips, and when it leans over to touch Rosalie/Nikki Reed’s face, the unsettled look the actress gets really is quite priceless. Condon eventually went with a CGI baby, and while that didn’t look great, it looked a hell of a lot better than this horror show.


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