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This terrifying mask of a little girl’s face is the worst thing on the internet

Screenshot: Landon Meier/YouTube

Last month, we wrote about some hyper-realistic Ren And Stimpy masks that were terrifying for just how well they were able to manifest cartoon revulsion in the real world. It was a joyous terror, vastly different than the kind that emerges upon watching the below video.

No, that is not the decapitated head of a sweet, smiling, pig-tailed little girl on a man’s body. It’s a mask by Landon Meier, whose Hyperflesh masks have been making headlines for just how insanely realistic they look. There are other videos floating around out there, such as this one of adults walking down the street wearing crying baby masks, but the above video is the freakiest for its simplicity and the uncanny dread that emanates from Meier’s unwavering gaze. Watch it muted for ultimate fear; watch it with sound to hear the cameraperson lament having to wake up to this every day.


Meier also freaked out attendees at Monsterpalooza 2017 by outfitting a trio with masks of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-Un. It’s eerie how well Putin looks reimagined as someone hanging out in front of Satriale’s with Tony Soprano.

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