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This supposed Rick And Morty twist could be a game-changer

Illustration for article titled This supposed iRick And Morty /itwist could be a game-changer

Great news, Rick And Morty fans: Everyone’s favorite insectoid assassin, Krombopulus Michael, lives. Or rather, there’s a universe in which Krombopulus Michael—the Andy Daly-voiced killer who died on screen in “Mortynight Run”—isn’t dead yet, and that’s the universe we’ve been following for most of the show’s run.

In the video above, Redditor Dillionmcrich presents a persuasive fan theory that not only explains the rules of Rick And Morty’s multiversal travel, but points out a Rick and Morty swap that occurs in a particular episode that suggests that the pair we’ve been watching haven’t always been the same Rick and the same Morty. Is it plausible? That’s up for the viewer to decide, although we know that there’s at least one secret the show’s creators will never reveal. If nothing else, we get serious examination of what the narrator dubs “The Mr. Poopybutthole Universe,” which is worth the price of admission on its own.


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