A Doomed Couple

There is a long tradition in horror films of characters’ hubris ultimately spelling their downfall. One of the most enduring (and endearing?) of these cliches is the idea that one should always check out a bizarre sound (preferably alone) and that it’s always best to split up in situations where there’s a high probability of being ambushed and/or dismembered. Slacktory has assembled clips of dozens of doomed characters deciding to strike out on their own to “check it out.” Is it a commentary on the independent nature of modern man or merely a lazy screenwriting tool to isolate people and up the body count? It’s unclear, but the supercut shows the preponderance of this trope, pulling scenes from many Friday The 13th entries, beloved films like Clue and Ghostbusters, and lesser loved entries such as Lake Placid 2 and Leprechaun 4: In Space. (Noticeably absent: Cabin In The Woods’ Fran Kranz reaction when Chris Hemsworth suggests they split up: “And that makes what kind of sense?”)

(Via Laughing Squid)