Bill Murray, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

What’s most impressive about The A To Z Review’s supercut of swearing in Wes Anderson films isn’t the assembled curse words themselves, but the loving care that has gone into stitching them together. Unlike supercuts that just smash a bunch of scenes into a random order, this video is constructed with an attention to detail Anderson himself would surely appreciate. Not to mention the fact that it’s almost always fun to watch a bunch of famous people scream “fuck” and “shit” at each other, particularly in the highly-manicured world of an Anderson film.

On his website, creator Luís Azevedo details how he assembled the supercut, and explains his desire to build “a dialogue between characters from different movies, while building tiny pieces of narrative.” As he puts it, “There are very few things as satisfying when working on a supercut than having an opossum finish a sentence started by Bill Murray.”