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Screenshot: Notting Hill (YouTube)

Long before Hugh Grant complained of the decibel levels in movie theaters, he sported a floppy kind of hairstyle—best known as the curtain cut—that could make any modern eboy envious. He put it to good use in a handful of British romantic comediesFour Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, and Bridget Jones’s Diary, among them. Some might say, however, that Grant (and his hair) peaked in 1997's Notting Hill, in which he fell in love with an A-list celebrity he met at a book store while remaining the world’s most charming dork. And, if you’re among them, you’ll enjoy this new supercut from TIFF, which celebrates the film’s 20th anniversary with a compilation of every time Grant’s character stammers through a verbal stew of uhs, ums, rights, and yeahs.


You’re damn right it’s over two minutes long. 

[via The Cut]

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