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This supercut of every "fuck" said in Uncut Gems offers an inadvertent summary of 2020 so far

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Saying that 2020 is one of the worst years in living memory isn’t exactly an original thought but from where we’re standing on this, the last day of July, it sure seems true. And while we’ll have to wait a while for movies, music, and novels that deliberately capture the feeling of living through this awful time, it turns out that a compilation of every “fuck” muttered, screamed, or shouted throughout 2019's Uncut Gems works pretty well for now as a good summation of our general mood.


Created in honor of the fact that “Uncut Gems has the 4th most F-bombs in movie history,” Netflix’s Twitter account cut together a video showing “all 560 of them.” As you watch Adam Sandler’s Howard Ratner grow increasingly anxious and desperate, he and other characters yelling variations on “fuck” in every possible inflection, it’s hard not to think that the compilation maps well to the psychological descent we’ve all experienced over the past seven months.


“What the fuck is going on, man?” Lakeith Stanfield’s Demany says in “fuck” #38, and we’re transported back to the early days of the pandemic, when so many national governments gave out disastrous, conflicting information on what we were dealing with. “Are you fucking kidding me?” applies well to so much else, from Democratic primary results in America to unemployment benefit announcements. “This fucking prick,” works for pretty much anything Trump tweets, from calling Black Lives Matter protesters “thugs” to the latest dumb shit he wants to share about COVID-19. More than any specific line, though, it’s the general mood that comes from watching characters in a movie about greed and deadly gambling just repeating “fuck” over and over and over again that really makes the clip feel appropriate.

Let’s hope 2021 can be summarized by a different supercut, like, say, Jonathan Frakes reassuring us that facts do exist or, better yet, a bunch of grandmas delighted to be told some unexpected good news on Antiques Roadshow.

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