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Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Screenshot: YouTube)

B-roll footage—which has been increasingly finding its way onto the internet lately—is the closest us normals can get to actually being on a big film set. If there’s one set it would’ve been worth being a fly on the wall for, it’s Suicide Squad. Long before the film was released, stories leaked out about its intense filming process; the production even hired an on-set “therapist,” presumably to help the cast deal with Jared Leto mailing them used condoms for his glorified cameo of a role. Interestingly, however, the Suicide Squad B-roll is mostly pretty relaxed.

The YouTube video shows off a few cool stunts, like Deadshot repelling down a building. And while it does have some footage of Leto between takes, he seems willing to rein in his Joker persona at least long enough to have a conversation with director David Ayer about blocking. Viola Davis even cracks a joke at one point, proving that while the production may have been “damaged,” the set wasn’t entirely deranged.


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