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Dollhouse has always been the neglected stepchild of the Whedonverse. While Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly all have their devoted fanbases and frequent references in pop-culture discussions, Joss Whedon’s tale of people imprinted with different personalities is at best a curiosity, and at worst its two seasons are vaguely remembered with an “Oh, yeah, that existed.” It’s a real shame, as the show truly ventures to some excellent and (previously) unexplored places in the second season, going for broke knowing that the ax was going to fall and cancellation would soon follow. Part of the problem with Dollhouse’s slippage into semi-obscurity is the show’s weird concept and execution, detailing both the rise of these “Actives” (or “dolls”) and the ensuing apocalypse that occurs due to the program’s existence. The other part of the reason for its lack of popularity and culthood is that there are a handful of really boring episodes.

Redditor Xscapist has addressed the second issue with a new condensed episode that picks up the highlights of the first five episodes (generally seen as very slow and/or not as involved with the main plot). This new fan edit allows viewers to watch just this episode and then immediately dive into the first season’s episode six without missing anything. It’s an interesting premise and may be a boon to those who have tried to binge the series on Netflix, only to be met with confusion and disappointment over how the first episodes played out. Entitled “Meddle,” this remix/recut seeks to hook new viewers (or delight veteran audiences) while serving the larger narrative of Joss Whedon’s vision.


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