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This story heavily suggests that our president had a lawyer’s family threatened in 2009

Trump in 2009. Photo: Patrick McMullan / Getty

In 2009, after Donald Trump’s casino went bankrupt—just one in a long line of failed business ventures from which the soon-to-be President of the United States would walk seemingly unscathed—the attorney who represented the casino’s investors received a menacing phone call. The person on the other line spoke with a thick New York accent, according to a new story on Buzzfeed. “My name is Carmine,“ the voice said. “I don’t know why you’re fucking with Mr. Trump but if you keep fucking with Mr. Trump, we know where you live and we’re going to your house for your wife and kids.” The story is based on newly obtained FBI case notes.

The caller ID was traced to a public pay phone directly across the street from Ed Sullivan Theater, where David Letterman taped The Late Show. The call came at 2:05 p.m. on a day when Donald Trump was a guest on the program. Guests typically arrived around 2:30 to get ready for taping.


The story provides evidence that it wasn’t Trump himself who placed the call—Hansen said he didn’t recognize the caller’s voice, for example—but Trump does have a history of aspiring to be a brutish New York tough guy despite the fact that he is a malfunctioning meatloaf-fueled piss-baby who has never held a real job, until this year, a fact that he fucking hates. A Daily Beast article from last year explored Trump’s long relationship with New York City private investigatory Bo Dietl. In that article, Dietl used as an example of the services he provided our current commander-in-chief the shakedown of an attorney representing Trump’s casino investors:

“We kind of deterred that attorney because what we did was we investigated the fact that [the] attorney wasn’t exactly cleaner than the Board of Health, you know what I mean? So I went to visit the guy who was trying to fuck Trump, and I says, you know, I think you better think about this. He’s got this, this and the other thing—it was enough to be very bad for that person.”

But the Buzzfeed article says Dietl didn’t make the 2009 Late Show threat:

“Nah, wasn’t me,” Dietl said. “Back in ‘09, I told Trump to go fuck himself.” He added, “Honestly, I was not involved in anything with Donald in ‘09.”


Trump has called people under false names before—never forget the story of him posing as his own publicist to brag about himself—and, as the past two years have proven, he’s a lifelong bully and idiot who sees aggressive, impetuous talk as the clearest path to getting what he wants. While the casino for which he served as chairman of the board, and for which his daughter Ivanka also served as a board member, crumbled to the tune of over a billion dollars, it is certainly believable that someone in Trump’s employ could’ve been sent to threaten the family of a lawyer representing those whose money he had lost. However, it’s just as believable that it was Trump himself who was so enraged by the people he had fleeced that he might drop a quarter in a phone booth and threaten to murder an attorney’s family. It’d almost be more surprising if he hadn’t.

Check out the full article on Buzzfeed for many more details on the phone call, as well as Trump’s history with tough-guy phone calls.


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