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This Star Wars scholar thinks you’ve got the prequels all wrong

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If there’s one thing the Star Wars faithful known to be true, it’s that it is hard to go a day without having a discussion with another fan about how much they dislike the prequel trilogy of The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, and Revenge Of The Sith (Sometimes giving a pass to Sith). The prequel trilogy is almost universally reviled by fans of the original three films. However, Mike Klimo, copywriter and Star Wars scholar, has put together an exhaustive essay that points out that rest of the Star Wars fans have got it all wrong and that Lucas’ meticulous work on both trilogies is that of a genius.


Klimo has painstakingly researched his Star Wars Ring Theory, collecting from interviews with Lucas as well as essays from mythology and film experts. The Ring Theory—based on Mary Douglas’s 2007 essay—implies at its core that the Star Wars saga is an elaborate ABC CBA rhyme pattern with Menace rhyming with Jedi, Attack with Empire, and Revenge with A New Hope. This is quite similar to theologists who attempt to explain away the Bible utilizing mathematics—and much more controversial, according to some geeks. George Lucas has stated before that Star Wars is similar to poetry in that “every stanza kind of rhymes with the last one.” Klimo does an excellent job of not only comparing the way themes and dialogue rhyme between each film, but also the blocking of certain shots. His arguments which may have the ability to sway the most hardcore prequel denier, but his theory still doesn’t give a good explanation for midichlorians or why the Jedi dress like desert peasants and not Knights Of The Old Republic.

Klimo’s essay is a must read for prequel fans as well as vehement detractors; after all, wasn’t it Voltaire who stated “I do not agree with your prequel trilogy but I will defend to the death your right to the prequel trilogy?” It will be interesting to see what Klimo has to say upon the release of The Force Awakens and how the seventh film in the Star Wars saga fits into his ring theory.

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