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This Space Jam/Super Smash Bros. mixtape is too ’90s for its own good

Space Jam

An internet wizard by the name of DJ Slammeister has taken it upon himself to release a fire (emblem) mixtape of Super Smash Bros. music mashed up with the Space Jam theme song. Yep, all 20 tracks sample Quad City DJ’s 1990s hit. Good luck getting it out of your head for the rest of the week.

Star Fox’s “Space Armada” becomes “Slam Armada,” “PictoChat” becomes “PictoSlam,” and… well, you get it. DJ Slammeister has made the playlist available to stream for free on Bandcamp, but if you want to download it for your next Super Smash Bros. playing party or Space Jam viewing party, it’s also available for name-your-price purchase.


And if you’re looking to get sucked further into the land of Space Jam, it’s worth noting that the movie’s official website still remains unchanged since 1996.

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