Back in 1980, Dolly Parton adroitly summarized the trials and travails of office workers everywhere with her hit theme song from 9 To 5. In 2016, the comedy-music duo of Tripp and Tyler have done the same for the non-commuters of the world with their new anthem, “Hardly Working From Home.” Featuring a vocal assist from American Idol graduate Rayvon Owen, the song accurately describes both the pains and the pleasures of working from one’s own domicile. For one thing, nobody believes such workers are actually doing anything. And, to be honest, there are a great many distractions in the home: video games, Matt Lauer, baking scones, etc. Sample lyrics from the chorus: “You try getting something done when you can do anything.” On the plus side, for stay-at-home employees, “business casual” means sweatpants. Say goodbye to khakis and button down shirts forever.

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean hanging around one’s own condo or apartment all day either. As the video shows, the stay-at-homers of the world can take their game to the nearest coffee shop. But those places have pitfalls of their own. Parks And Recreation veteran Jim O’Heir, for instance, shows up as an inconsiderate patron who not only hogs the outlet but also brings his drone with him for some reason. And the wi-fi in those places can be so slow that just downloading an attachment can become a Sisyphean ordeal. Such are the risks one takes when eschewing the office. In addition to be a genuine earworm, the song is very detailed and specific about its topic, suggesting that Tripp and Tyler are singing and rapping from real experience. Finally, the “1099s and LLCs” have a song to call their own.


[via Laughing Squid]