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This sneak peek from Michelle Wolf's new Netflix show isn't here to tease you… it's here to win

Illustration for article titled This sneak peek from Michelle Wolfs new Netflix showi /iisnt here to tease you… its here to iwin/i
Photo: Cara Howe (Getty Images)

We’re less than a week out from the launch of Michelle Wolf’s new Netflix series The Break, which’ll see the former Daily Show correspondent (and “inhumanly cruel” Sarah Sanders mocker) turn her talents to the world of weekly topical comedy. If you’ve been wondering what Wolf will do with her shiny new Netflix budget, you’re in luck, though; we’ve got a sneak peek at one of the show’s first sketches, a little biting-the-hand-that-feeds-it humor mocking Hollywood’s semi-cynical push for “A Strong Female Lead.”

Starting reality-adjacent, and then building to weirder and weirder places, the sketch ably harnesses Wolf’s wildcard talents, as she flops her hair around, busts out anger-fueled catchphrases, and repeatedly reminds people, “I don’t have time for emotion in my sex!” It’s a strong mixture of pure silliness—as when Strong Female Lead’s “snappy dialogue” turns out to be a series of theater warm-up tongue twisters—and more pointed criticism, even taking a swing at its parent service’s tendency to abruptly drop “surprise” new content on its viewers’ heads.


The Break debuts on Netflix on May 27.

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