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This Snape-centric edit tells Severus Snape’s heartbreaking story

It’s hard to remember that every time greasy-haired Snape is terrible to Harry it’s because he’s tortured by his memories of Harry’s parents, Lilly and James. But Severus Snape is the story’s great tragic figure, a character who sacrifices himself for someone he loved in life and in death. YouTube user kcawesome13 puts Snape’s story into excellent, heartbreaking perspective by editing together the scenes of Snape’s arc in chronological order, including the many references to Harry’s eyes looking just like his mother’s. It’s a poignant touch that emphasizes just how great Snape’s pain must have been, with Harry’s presence a constant reminder not only that Lilly chose someone else, but that she died because Snape failed to protect her from Lord Voldemort.

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