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This smart mashup of The Muppets and Empire casts Miss Piggy as Cookie

Photo: The Muppets (ABC)

While there have been some complaints that ABC’s new “adult” Muppets show is a little too adult, this new Empire mashup demonstrates what a truly grown-up Muppets would actually look like. Billed as a “previously on Empire segment,” the Muppets forget the talk-show drama and instead gather in their conference room to battle over money, sexuality, and even murder.

What makes the Yahoo! mashup work is its pitch perfect casting. Obviously, Kermit stars as Lucious Lyon while Miss Piggy is his rival/lover/all-around boss bitch Cookie Lyons. Fozzie Bear, meanwhile, steps into the role of Jamal—a bear who bears the brunt of Kermit’s homophobia. And Sam The Eagle and Pepe make unexpectedly great stand-ins for, respectively, put-together CFO Andre and fame-obsessed rapper Hakeem.


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