Donald J. Trump's Twitter account (Screenshot: Twitter)

Love him, hate him, or live in constant, all-encompassing fear of what his swift and sudden rise means for America, Donald Trump has certainly taken full advantage of social media. As of this writing, he has nearly 10 million Twitter followers, compared to 7.5 million for Hillary Clinton. Trump’s one-time rival, Jeb Bush, clocks in at a miserable 667K, and even Ted Cruz is only able to muster 1.38 million disappointed followers. The difference is that Trump’s Twitter account, like every other aspect of his campaign, is a carnival sideshow. Other candidates use their social media accounts for boring, safe self-promotion. Trump entertains, thoroughly and consistently. The blustery real estate tycoon tweets with reckless abandon, brutally attacking his enemies both real and perceived, often calling them names as if he were a 10-year-old schoolyard bully. And he tweets often, firing off over 32,000 messages since March 2009. That leads to beautiful moments like this:


But even the hyper-prolific Trump cannot hope to insult everyone, everywhere, 24 hours a day. There simply isn’t enough of him to go around. Despite appearances, Trump is finite. That’s where Trump Generator comes in. This handy, single-purpose site will create made-to-order, mean-spirited, pseudo-Trump tweets and send them to anyone the user designates via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The insults and the backgrounds can both be customized. The end results can make it seem as if Trump is insulting one of his steadfast supporters.

Tweet to Ann Coulter (Screenshot:

Or maybe he’s decided to unleash his special brand of hatred upon himself.

Tweet to Donald J. Trump (Screenshot:


The candidate might even feel so cocky that he decides to cast aspersions on one of America’s most beloved celebrities.

Blatantly challenging Cookie Monster on Twitter seems like a move that even Trump might be reluctant to make. But, in this crazy election cycle, one never knows.